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Here is some of the praise we have received from our clients, their customers, and our professional peers worldwide:

"Brent is one of the most thorough, knowledgeable and competent individuals that I have had the pleasure of working with. His innate ability to quickly analyze information and clearly communicate the best plan of action makes him a major contributor to the organization. Brent provided invaluable expertise to our technical support team resulting in the timely and efficient resolution of our most complex problems. I would welcome the opportunity to work with Brent again."

Jeff Dilger
Director, Client Support & Service
AmerisourceBergen Technology Group

“Brent was engaged as an engineering consultant with [our] group for a number of years. During this time we worked both directly together and in synergistic functions. I found Brent to be a very dedicated engineer striving to produce the best results possible all the while being conscious of the time and costs. Brent is continually a source of information in areas that otherwise may have been overlooked. It seemed that he always did a great deal of underlying research apparently as a personal interest, on his own time to ensure details never got missed. He was always a valuable contributor on our teams. I highly recommend Brent as he will always be a big contributor/valuable member on the team. Needless to say, I welcome an opportunity to work with him again.”

Michael Spangler
Director, Sustaining Engineering
AutoMed Technologies

"After some research in the Internet I found your wonderful Bombardier Cartoon educating security awareness the funny way... Weekly I send out a Security Awareness tip about a specific topic, however in general... people do not take the time to read them. Your cartoons however might bring a positive change, as they are funny and short and might draw our user's attention to read, think and learn... It will be greatly appreciated if we may use your Bombardier Cartoon for our security awareness campaign."

Stefan Koks
System Analyst & InfoSec Assistant
NATO Airlift Management Agency

"Margaret, everything on my web site looks wonderful! Thank you soooo much. I know you're really busy these days, but your help is greatly appreciated. It was super that you were able to fit my changes in so quickly and immediately on such short notice. You were a life saver."

Kimberley Savino

"Once again Brent has demonstrated why he is worth at least $500,000,000.00 per year to this company (not kiddin' on that one). The level and detail of information Brent can provide on issues can be frightening sometimes (but yet also a lot of fun to witness, kinda like those old Godzilla movies)."

Joe Petrusek
Manager, Test and System Analysis
AutoMed Technologies

"The reviews I received from my folks [who took your training class] were outstanding, but then I didn't expect anything else. I was hoping you would ask about another class, we need this so badly. I want all my folks to go through this class. Just let me know when you can schedule the next one. I will fill it up."

Gary Robertson
Field Service Manager
AutoMed Technologies

"Wow!!!! Everything on the new web site looks great! You make me look extremely professional! Can't believe the transformation!!! Thank you Margaret."

K. Huffman
Personal Trainer

"Brent was extremely helpful, in fact, our go-live with our new vendor would not have occurred without his help. He assisted us in troubleshooting the issues that surfaced with our interface (and we all learned more about firewalls than any of us wanted to know). Brent went above and beyond, and I cannot tell you how much we appreciate his work on our behalf. Brent demonstrated the type of work ethic that is very rare today (i.e. doing whatever it takes to make things work for the customer). He is truly a credit to your organization."

Ronald Penick
Administrator of Pharmacy Informatics
The Health Alliance of Cincinnati



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