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Have you noticed? Your products, services, and IT systems don't just live in nice white boxes any more. These are now scattered into the always-on, connected universe of clients and servers, wireless mobile devices, cloud services, AJAX-driven web sites, and virtual machines, all firing packets at each other via SSL/TLS and VPN.

And using just one programming language doesn't work for you any more. Instead, you'll be mixing Java, web APIs, C#, Python, ASP or PHP, C++, JavaScript, Objective-C, CFML, PL/SQL or Transact-SQL, and cloud APIs, all trying to sing in harmony.

Throughout this chaos everyone expects you to observe information security principles and practices too.

Your subject matter experts are good people, but each one has to focus on just one piece of the puzzle. Your database expert sees your system as a database schema, but your hardware expert sees it as a new motherboard every six months. Your customer support personnel see it as some sort of maze. And all your customer's IT staff sees are some new holes in their firewall.

This disparity in viewpoints creates gaps in understanding that prevent effective coordination and communication. Even bigger gaps exist if you're missing an expert altogether.

These gaps slow down your team and defeat your budget.

To remove these gaps now you need consultants who can work across many disciplines—from functional requirements to information security—and work equally well with all of your departments, vendors, and customers. Consultants who can help design, build, test, deploy, document, and maintain your systems.

That would be us.

Contact us now so we can start a conversation about the obstacles you face every day. Your initial consultation is free.


What We Do

We strengthen our client's design teams by eliminating knowledge gaps and communication gaps. To accomplish this we offer consulting services in the following technical design areas:

Embedded Systems, Software, Databases

Mobile & facility-wide embedded systems; virtual machines; functional requirements; software development; Android devices; automated software regression testing; SQL databases & programming; electronics design.

Information Security, Networking, Protocols

Practical information security; malware mitigation; client-server communications; network packet sniffing & port scanning; wireless networks; Linux tools; bar code symbologies; HL7; DIACAP.

Training, Mentoring, and Technical Writing

On-site training classes and NEW "lunch & learn" seminars; one-on-one mentoring; technical writing, editing & proofreading.

Web Site Design and Development

W3C standards-compliant web pages; cross-browser compatibility; Android & IOS considerations; client-server programming; back-end databases; HTML, CSS, JavaScript & PHP.

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You can read all of our white papers here. You can also read our Code of Ethics here.

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